What Is the Jennifer Lopez Workout? Details Inside

Jennifer Lopez Workout and Diet

If you only know Jennifer Lopez from her stint on “American Idol”, then you might not realize just how many miles she has on that body. Jennifer is actually 43 years old now and has been in the public eye for more than 20 years. Once known only as a dancer, and then a singer, and then a movie star, and finally a spokesperson and international celebrity, Jennifer Lopez has a lot of reasons to keep her 43-year-old body in great shape. What might surprise you is just how hard she has to work in order to look like she does.

Jennifer Lopez was recently voted “The Most Beautiful Woman in the World”, which is quite an achievement since most of her competition was 20 years younger than she is, and when you ask those around her, they will tell you that she looks as good in person without her make-up as she does on screen.

Jennifer Lopez Workout

How Does Jennifer Stay in Shape?

The first thing that you should know about Jennifer is that not only did she start in singing and dancing lessons when she was just five years old, but she was an athlete in school. She took part in gymnastics, softball, and track as well as various dancing groups.

By the time she was in her mid-teens, she was already in movies, dancing on stage in Europe and on Broadway, and was eventually hired as a back-up dancer for New Kids on the Block!

So, suffice to say that Jennifer Lopez has always been active and that is one of the reasons she looks so good to this day.

By constantly staying in shape, being naturally athletic, and enjoying dance and sports, she never found it hard to be fit and strong.

What About That Booty?

You can’t talk about Jennifer Lopez without talking about her backside. In spite of the fact that she is amazingly beautiful, photogenic, and talented, perhaps the one thing that she is known for more than anything else is her posterior. While she is small on the top, with a very small waist, she has a booty that most women would be pretty happy with and most men would like to get their hands on. Because this tends to be her natural shape, and it is also the place where her body fat tends to go, it is the one “danger zone” of her body that can get out of control if she gains weight.

We all have that area on our body that tends to put on the most weight, whether it is your hips, your thighs, your upper arms, or of course your stomach. The key is to workout, watch your diet, and always keep a close eye on your measurements.

Jennifer recently told Shape Magazine that her secret to getting back in shape after having twins was training for a triathlon. She worked a healthy dose of swimming, cycling, and running into her normal workout, and that helped her to shed body fat and tone up the muscles that had disappeared during her pregnancy.

Jennifer Lopez DietWhat Exercises Does Jennifer Lopez Regularly Do?

The one thing that sets Jennifer Lopez aside from some of the other beautiful bodies is that she isn’t exceedingly thin and that she is actually more athletic than she is model-skinny. This helps her out since she can burn more calories with the muscle that she has and she has a greater variety of workouts that she can take part in.

Jennifer recently told Fitness Magazine that after she had her twins, she did up to 75 minutes of cardio four to five times a week and added strength training to her workouts, too. Since she is known for her rear end, she does a lot of leg lifts, squats, and lunges, to keep them in shape, and works a great deal on her abs. If you have seen “J-Lo” with a crop top on, then you know that she really has worked hard on developing a strong set of abs.

What Diet Helps Her To Look Like That?

Like most women who spend a lot of time on camera, they need to have exceedingly low body fat in order to look good. In order to get like this, Jennifer has stuck with a low calorie diet (1,500 calories or less), that consists of primarily lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables. She tends to shy away from carbs and red meats, and is known for her vast intake of water. When you see how hard she is working up on stage and what a sweat she is building up, then you see why.

However, it should be noted that this seemingly low calorie diet was only to get her weight down after she had a baby. In order to maintain her current weight (which tends to be around 120-125 pounds), she has increased her caloric intake in order to support her high energy life.

Can You Do This?

We all have plenty of excuses for why we can’t eat right or don’t have the time to exercise, but if there is one woman who really does have excuses that she could use, it would be Jennifer Lopez. She has spent the last two seasons on “American Idol”, recorded an album, made music videos, went on tour, went through a divorce, was photographed a million times, and still had time to have twins! So, if this busy lady can find time to get in that kind of shape, then so can you!

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