Julianne Hough Diet and Workout: Our Breakdown

Julianne Hough Diet and Workout

It is hard to believe that Julianne Hough of “Dancing with the Stars” fame is just 24 years old. After all, it seems like she has been on our television screens for many seasons and she has actually had the time to branch out into a very successful singing and movie career, too. But, if you have seen Julianne on “Dancing with the Stars”, “Rock of Ages”, or in “Burlesque”, then there is no doubting the fact that she has a pretty incredible body. Working as hard as she does, how does she keep her body in shape and remain healthy?

When Dancing Is Your Life…

When your grandparents are dancers, your parents are dancers, and all of your older siblings are dancers, it pretty much makes sense that dancing is in your blood. Julianne started dancing with her brother Derek before she was a teenager and travelled to London for ballroom training. In fact, her first dancing competition took place when she was just nine years old, so Julianne has always been in great dancing shape.

However, it is not unusual for former dancers to start to put on weight or notice changes in their body when they no longer work out as hard as they used to. The good news for Julianne Hough is that because she continued to dance on “Dancing with the Stars” as well as getting jobs in movies and other television shows, she needed to keep her body in tip-top shape all the time.

Julianne’s Workout

Julianne Hough Workout

Julianne recently told The Examiner that in spite of the way that her body looks, she “hates being in the gym”, which is something that most of us can understand. The majority of Julianne’s workouts are based either on her ballet experience or her work as a ballroom dancer, but she is not averse to getting on the treadmill. She does a lot of her workouts at home or in the dance studio and works on toning exercises four to five days per week.

She also told Shape Magazine that she does rely on her dance training and rehearsals to do the majority of her cardio workouts, but that she recognizes that there are places on her body that can’t be toned with dancing and that is when she really starts to workout.

In Self Magazine, Julianne revealed, “When I work out, do a lot of combination exercises, like a dance/pilates/weights combination. I might start off with weights on my ankles and do a ton of leg exercises, then put three-pound weights in my wrists and do some arm exercises. I don’t do bicep curls, I prefer circling my arms and twisting them and stuff, so it lengthens my muscles.”

After her strength exercises Julianne follows up with “a ton of sit-ups and then cardio for about 45 minutes to an hour”.  This girl doesn’t kid around with her workouts!

What About Diet?

Chances are that if your full-time job was basically keeping your body in shape and dancing with celebrities, then you would be pretty free about your diet, but that is not the case with Julianne.

Julianne shared with Self magazine that her average week’s diet would be, “salads and fish and chicken, some vegetables, I could do roasted or steamed with just a lot of lemon and try to stay away from oils and salt. My go-to breakfast is always scrambled egg whites, spinach and tomatoes or something like that.”

Julianne keeps the carbs low and the protein high eating a lot of lean meats, vegetables and no processed sugars. The star keeps her metabolism pumping by eating 5-6 small meals a day – this also helps to avoid falling into the cravings cave.

Julianne Hough Diet

Doesn’t Julianne Ever Cheat?

The truth is that even the best bodies in Hollywood have to cheat from time to time and when you are working out for a living, you can afford to do just that. Julianne recently reported that at a recent trip to the movies she ate two hot dogs and a “mountain of popcorn”, which is something most of us would feel pretty bad about – but she worked it all off the next day.

It is nice to hear that seemingly everyone out there has a craving for their own favorite food and that if you eat clean most of the time, and put in the time working out, that your body can afford to have luxury foods now and again.

Julianne recently added more weight training to her workouts in order to star in both “Footloose” and “Rock of Ages”, and if you’ve seen her in some of her skimpy dance outfits, then you know that whatever she is doing is certainly working for her!

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