Khs Report Card

The staff at Kewanee High School has implemented many changes over the past 3 years in an attempt to accommodate our learners and their individual needs. Our motto at KHS is “Simply the Best” and that is what we expect out of our staff and students. To assist our students in reaching their academic potential, Kewanee High has implemented a freshman initiative (whose purpose is to successfully assist all 9th graders in becoming academic 10th graders), a curriculum mapping initiative (that has helped teachers align their curriculum to the college and career readiness standards designed by ACT), a “good to great” initiative (designed to push our instruction and student achievement beyond good to great), and has re-emphasized the importance of standard based assessments in the classrooms.

Kewanee High School has also implemented the EPAS system created by ACT to help prepare students for the PSAE during their junior year. This series of tests consist of the Explore test (taken 8th grade year), the PLAN test (taken at the end of the 9th grade), and a retired practice ACT test (taken at the end of the 10th grade). Data from these tests help administrators and staff to identify strengths and weaknesses allowing our curriculum to adjust to the needs of our students.

Kewanee High School is also actively involved in the Response to Intervention initiative. Kewanee High has universal screeners along with data from the EPAS system to help identify students who need extra attention in terms of their academic growth. Classes have been created to boost students’ skills in areas of needed improvement.

Kewanee High School has shown improvement since 2007 on our AYP scores and have stabilized this year. Kewanee High School has made gains over the past 4 years and we are constantly looking to improve.

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