Physical Education and Health

Physical Education   Health


Grade Level: 9, 10, 11, 12

Credit: 1

Term(s): Full Year


Grade Level 10, 11, 12

Credits: 1

Term(s): Semester


Three and a half years of Physical Education are required along with one semester of Health for graduation. The physical education curriculum includes one semester of health for which one (1) credit is received. Seven semesters of physical education are required for graduation.

Physical education classes are co-educational except for contact sports. Activities include physical fitness and individual and team sports. Classes are team-taught to make the best use of staff, facilities, and equipment.

It is highly recommended for all athletes to enroll in Athletic Physical Education. This class will focus on strength training and fitness year round.

  Health class at Kewanee High School focuses on the main three areas of health: mental health, social health and physical health.

Prentice Hall--Health: Skills for Wellness is the instructional book that will guide our students to understand how to become and stay healthy. Our book is geared to help students understand the responsibility of behavior patterns that will affect their health throughout their lives.

Stressing health choices and decision making, the students will develop the skills to weigh options, make responsible decisions, and develop behaviors that promote healthy lifestyle! The ability to assess our attitudes and behavior patterns, and understand their impact on our communities and our own well-being will also be stressed.

Some of the units that we will be covering deal with: Mental Health, Social Health, Human Development, Nutrition and Fitness, Substance Abuse, Environmental and Community Health, and Safety and First Aid.

Course Outline (Tenative)

Chapter 1 Healthy Choices

Chapter 2 Personality and Self-Esteem

Chapter 4 Mental Disorders and Suicide

Chapter 6 Building Healthy Relationships

Chapter 7 Preventing Violence

Chapter 8 Reproduction and Heredity

Chapter 9 Pregnancy and Birth

Chapter 12 Food and Nutrition

Chapter 16 Cardiovascular and Respiratory Health

Chapter 17 Exercise, Rest and Recreation

Chapter 19, 20 Alcohol and Tobacco

Chapter 23 STD's






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